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Welcome to The Bookkeepers.Network (BKN)

Established in 2006, The Bookkeepers.Network (BKN) is a professional information and social network for bookkeepers, SME accountants, those working towards qualification and those just considering this career path. We promote and enhance the role of bookkeepers, the bookkeeping profession and the interaction with accountancy within the UK.

Our membership reflects the diversity of the bookkeeping profession. We represent bookkeeping practices of every size and background, whether self-employed or employed. Whether bookkeeping is the final goal or is being used as a stepping stone into accountancy. Whether qualified by exam, by experience, or whether our members are just starting out on this path. All bookkeepers, accountants, and students of either path are welcome at BKN.
A major component of BKN is our Bookkeepers Forum, which has become the UK's most visited and trusted, online discussion forum for bookkeepers. Membership of the forum is free, and members can debate topical issues and provide help and support to one another.

BKN is a 
private enterprise, focused on offering commercial resources and support solutions to SME bookkeepers and accountants. As a commercial organisation, BKN is therefore very different to not-for profit bookkeeping and accounting institutes, whose primary focus is that of providing qualifications and overseeing regulatory issues. In addition, we have formed strategic relationships with a wide range of partners who are committed to the delivery of quality resources to bookkeeping and accountancy professionals in the UK. 

6,000 + Members

Established 2006

Over 1 Million Monthly Views

The Bookkeepers.Network (BKN) Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Scheme 

The Bookkeepers.Network (BKN) has teamed up with expert brokers, Arlington Insurance Services Ltd, and market leading insurer Zurich Insurance plc, to offer Bookkeepers a cost-effective yet comprehensive professional indemnity insurance scheme. 

BKN Members  (Full or Premium) – premiums from £81.00 per annum (inclusive of IPT)

Non-BKN Members - premiums from £137.00 per annum (inclusive of IPT)

Please note: the above premiums are based on members earning gross fees up to £15,000 per annum in pure bookkeeping roles at a £100,000 limit of indemnity. Quotes based on higher fees, varied work splits and alternative limits of indemnity can be provided by written quotation from Arlington.

Please click here for further information. 

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